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Nu metal band Linkin Park rocks Padang for thousands of fans

SINGAPORE : Linkin Park rocked the Padang on Tuesday night for thousands of their screaming fans. The American nu-metal band staged the island's biggest outdoor concert since Michael Jackson performed here in 1996. The moment the mega-screen went up, the normally sedate Padang erupted in a frenzy of screams from 15,000 head-banging fans. And the headbanging hits began.

The American nu-metal band opened their 90-minute set with "Don't Stay". But the screaming crowd, which ranged from pre-teens to parents, were not going anywhere. Especially, not after forking out between $85 and $150 for tickets, and queuing for 2 to 3 hours to get the best standing spots. The heat and humidity, however, took its toll on some fans. It is the band's unique brand of screaming vocals fused with hip hop and rap elements that certainly had the fans screaming for more.

"I think it rocks - Singapore rocks - tonight Singapore is the best," said one fan.
"Amazing - the music is great," added another.
"The absolute loudness of it all."
"Everybody is down here and crowding - that's the best."
"This is the best concert man."

Linkin Park's second album "Meteora" sold over 40,000 copies in Singapore - making it one of the best selling groups here. But the band is hardly what you would call your stereotypical rockers. Despite their celebrity status, off-stage Linkin Park spent their first night in Singapore at a bookstore, eating later at a food court. The band's Singapore gig was their last stop in a five-nation South East Asian tour. Phoenix, Bassist, said: "I really don't think it's that much different. I find that whether we are in US, Europe or Asia, the crowds have been great and a lot of people in the crowds sing the songs back to us whether it's first language English-speaking country, France or Japan or Korea - and it's always funs when they sing back to us." The group is heading back to the US for a summer tour and will start work on their third album in September. - CNA

Channel News Asia - June 23, 2004


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