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Interview with Chester Bennington

"I'm Always High"

Herbally infused Linkin Park Chester Bennington on Snoop Dogg and Shrinkage

Blender: Where are you and what can you see out the window?
Chester Bennington: I'm sitting in my office in my house, staring at my security- camera monitor

Blender: How many monitors so you have?
Chester Bennington: I can't disclose that

Blender: You're going on tour with Snoop Dogg this summer. Will you be drinking from his bejeweled pimp cup?
Chester Bennington: I don't know if I qualify

Blender: Have you ever suffered from male shrinkage when getting out of a pool?
Chester Bennington: Yes- everyone should understand how the penis works. When it gets cold, the testicles need to be warmer in order to produce healthy semen. Thats why the area constricts and forces the testicles into the pelvic cavity. And if your girlfriend is like, "oh how sill you look!", just say, "well come touch it and see how silly it looks".

Blender: How many events are in the Olympic Decathlon?
Chester Bennington: Ten. Think about it: Deca is a latin root meaning 10. I was a junior Olympic swimmer.

Blender: Is it true that Olympic swimmers tend to be big pot smokers?
Chester Bennington: It's true, but you know what i found out? Everyone smokes weed.

Blender: Are you high right now?
Chester Bennington: I'm always high.

then it lists the PR dates.

On his picture that they show it says, " BEST TOUR TO GET A CONTACT BUZZ" and on the little insert on Chesters picture, it says, "NO ONE HAD THE HEART TO TELL CHESTER IT WASNT A CORDLESS MIC."

"Blender" Magazine



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