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Interview with Mike Shinoda


On June 22nd, while touring triumphantly in Asia, Linkin Park perfomed in Singapore, in front of a full and totally hyterical crowd. Just a few hours before the show, Mike Shinoda, visibly happy but tired by this marathon tour, answered a few questions from the local press. Here's the report.

One: You've just made a long and triumphant tour in Asia that ends tonightt. How are you feeling?
Mike Shinoda: To be honest, even if I'm happy that Linkin Park have that much success in Asia, I'm not discontented that the tour comes to an end. But at the same time I'm very excited. It's like going to school, at the end of the year, when you feel the holiday coming. You're still going but you don't do very much and the atmospheare is wonderful...

One: Why are you so looking forward to the end of the tour?
Mike Shinoda: The reason is simple : we've been on the road for several months, far from our families, and we miss them a lot. I've been married for nearly 2 years and I don't often have the opportunity to see my wife, Anna. I miss my house too, my bed, my car, my sofa, things that may seem meaningless but that we don't have the opportunity to use when we're touring. But don't believe I hate touring. It simply doesn't have to last too long.

One: Do the other members feel the same need to come back home?
Mike Shinoda: Yes, they do. And that's very good. We totally understand each other on that point and we can talk easily about it. When one of us feels a bit down because he's away from his wife or kids, everyone understands perfectly what he's feeling and can cheer him up. If I was the only one to want to see my wife, it'll probably be difficult to share it with the rest of the band.

One: You've just been “Punk'd” on the Ashton Kutcher's show. Can you tell us what happened?
Mike Shinoda: Those b******* really trapped me! (laughs) In fact that day, I was supposed to go to the restaurant. When I arrived there, the parking guy showed me where to park my car. So I followed his instructions and parked my car against the pavement, then entered the restaurant. But while I was in the restaurant, the people form the show came to put a fire hydrant on the pavement, just next to my car, and then obviously a fire started in the district. So when the fake fireman came to fix their water-hose nozzle on the fire hydrant, they couldn't reach it because my car was in the way. So they decided to break the glasses of my car to fix their water-hose, then they called the police and I was fined...

One: What's the rumour which annoys you the most?
Mike Shinoda: I often read that Chester and I are competing against each other, that I would like to have his place, to sing more, to be the leader of the band. But that's completely false. Chester and I work together on all the songwriting, we exchange a lot of ideas and sometimes things heat up a bit. But I believe that's absolutely normal. And it doesn't go further than the music context. And then I'll never be able to sing like Chester. He's got a unique voice. We're definitely not competing against each other.

One: Have you already started to work on the next album?
Mike Shinoda: Yeah, we've already started composing a few melodies, and, like for “Meteora”, we'll propably write a lot of things that will never make it. So, for the moment, I can't tell you what the next album will be like. For “Meteora”, we had more than 80 songs potentially recordable. But we decided to keep the best, the ones that were unanimous in the band. We're always proceeding like this. We don't have any scruples to ditch dozens of songs that the fans would maybe like if they heard them.

"One" Magazine (France) - August/September 2004



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