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Session Obsession - Chesters' Favourite Tunes

First Single:
Men Without Hats - 'Pop Goes The World'
"...I thought they were a really cool band back then..."

First Album Bought:
ABC - 'How To Be A Millionaire'

Most Embarrassing Album in Collection:
Eiffel 65
"...I bought it because my wife loves that track 'I'm Blue Dab-a-De'..."

Most Imaginative Musician:
John Lennon
"...he probably had one of the largest impacts on all types of music ..."

Youth Infatuation:
Depeche Mode
"...I used to have a huge 36x24 inch poster of them on my wall, and I used to dream that they'd fly in and make me the fifth member..."

Sunday Morning Music:
Perfect Circle - 'Three Libras'
"...I grab my acoustic (guitar) and sit on the couch and play songs that I like..."

Linkin Park track he is most proud of:
Hybrid Theory (whole album)
"...each one of us dumped our life..and just wrote it on dedication..."

Favourite Musical Memory:
Their gig in Atlanta
"...21,000 people turned up, and when I went out all I could see was a sea of heads..."

First Band He Saw:
Front 242
"...a Nine Inch Nails show now is the equivalent to them then..."

Most Recent Album Purchase:
Stone Temple Pilots - No.4
"...also my most favourite band of all time..."

Recommend an album:
The Deftones - 'White Pony'
"...they have extended their performance and stepped up their horizons in every way...

BBC Radio (United Kingdom) - 15.03.2003



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