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In The End, Sore Feet Can't Stop Them

On a steamy July Ozzfest date in Camden, New Jersey, Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson sat down with Shoutweb as he iced his injured foot. In the small tent designated for media that looked more like a battle zone, we dogged around the nine members of Slipknot awaiting their photo shoot and found a spot to tend to Brad's reoccuring injury. With half of the Ozzfest dates behind them, a very social Brad explained the band's tour plans for the rest of 2001, why artistic success is more important that commercial success, and just how he injured his foot in the first place.

Chester Bennington - vocals
Rob Bourdon - drums
Brad Delson - guitar
Joseph Hahn - DJ/samples
Mike Shinoda - vocals

Shoutweb: Oh, no. Here we are with Brad and he's got his foot up.
Brad Delson: Hi! I'm in quite a bit of pain right now.

Shoutweb: Is it an Ozzfest kind of thing, pain and blood?
Brad Delson: I wasn't necessarily trying for that. (laughter) I'm trying the toughen up kind of thing but I know if I do that I'm going to keep re-injuring it and it's going to cause me problems down the line.

Shoutweb: How did this foot injury first happen?
Brad Delson: The perfect plug for our new video! (laughter)

Shoutweb: Woo-hoo!
Brad Delson: We were filming our video for "In The End" in L.A. about a week and a half ago. You'll see in the video that we had a really cool set made.

Shoutweb: Where did you film it?
Brad Delson: We filmed it on a sound stage in L.A. This guy, Patrick Kup, has done Godzilla and all of these huge motion picture special effects jobs in terms of set construction. He built our set and there were these little stairways with a ledge. Nathan Cox, who co-directed the video with Joe, wanted me to jump off this five foot thing. Maybe it was three feet but it makes it sound better if I say it was five feet! (laughter)

Shoutweb: You couldn't get a stunt double? (laughter)
Brad Delson: No! (laughter) I couldn't land it right so the third time I did land it but I think I hurt my foot. Then I had to play on it the whole night. It was a 16 hour shoot. There were rain scenes and water being dumped on us for three hours. Alright, I am just the complaining guy today! My foot healed and now we just played this Camden, New Jersey show and I did something to it. It was kind of towards the beginning of the set. I was like, should I just push through or gimp out and lay down on the floor? I was able to do the latter unfortunately. You could get me to complain all day long if you keep asking me these types of questions!

Shoutweb: Are you still wearing headphones on stage?
Brad Delson: Yeah.

Shoutweb: Explain that to me.
Brad Delson: I'll sell you that story for ten grand. That's the going price.

Shoutweb: I will take "headphones" for two thousand please! (laughter)
Brad Delson: Actually, if I told you then I'd have to kill you. (laughter)

Shoutweb: Oh, no!
Brad Delson: I will say that it has something to do with the matrix. Not the movie, the actual matrix and being connected with it. Mr. Hahn has been rubbing off on me. I'm starting to integrate sci-fi humor into my schtick. It probably isn't too popular with a mass audience. (laughter)

Shoutweb: (laughter) I thought it was Joe getting you into it. I was going to blame him for the headphone thing. He's so cool up there with the headphones then he only uses one side of the headphones. Joe is just so cool. So are you trying to be like Joe? (laughter)
Brad Delson: He's actually queuing up. But I won't give him credit for the headphones. That's all mine.

Shoutweb: So, are you trying to keep the noise out or get certain sounds in on those headphones?
Brad Delson: That's all I'm going to give you!

Shoutweb: Damn! I keep digging and coming up empty, man. (laughter)
Brad Delson: (looking at his foot) Is this elevated? This isn't really elevated, is it? What if we put your camera bag up there?

Shoutweb: (puts camera bag on the chair under Brad's foot) There we go.
Brad Delson: Now the interview can resume. That will be a parenthetical, right? (Puts bag under ice)

Shoutweb: (Puts bag under foot. Brad is feeling better) Is it feeling any better?
Brad Delson: No.

Shoutweb: Uh, oh. They are doing a photo shoot with Slipknot in here so we may get moved.
Brad Delson: They probably don't want my foot in their shoot.

Shoutweb: I'm am sure they'll move you if you are in their way. So, anyway, back to the video. Tell us about it.
Brad Delson: I just saw the first edit today. Joe has been increasingly involved in our video creation process. He actually co-directed our last video "Papercut" which is more for international audiences. I don't know if it will be shown in the U.S. He and Nathan Cox teamed up again for our "In The End" video. Joe and Nathan wrote the treatment and they just surrounded themselves with a bunch of great people. I think it's going to be really cool.

Shoutweb: And that's it?
Brad Delson: That's as much as I can give you which is why I'm not a video director! I'd come in to pitch the band's video and I'd be like, "Okay guys, it's going to be really, really cool. We're surrounding ourselves with really great people. And it's going to be good."

Shoutweb: I saw you guys at HFStival and the KROCK Dysfunctional Family Picnic 5.0. You were down on your knees on the stage doing this thing.
Brad Delson: I was?

Shoutweb: Maybe that's why your foot hurts.
Brad Delson: Actually, I do get down on my foot. I didn't do that at the end because that hurts it. It kind of sucks because on the Ozzfest you can't go into the crowd.

Shoutweb: Is that a rule?
Brad Delson: Yeah, it's a liability. A lot of concerts don't have that rule. On other dates, Chester or Mike will go out to where the kids are and participate with them. On these shows it's a challenge to get as close to the kids as possible without actually going into the crowd.

Shoutweb: Is playing the main stage hindering you guys at all?
Brad Delson: It's harder because the set-up is the reverse of a normal show because instead of having all the kids up front you have them all in the back on the lawn. When you're in seats, it's a lot harder to go off. It's hard to create a moshpit in a seating section. It's been our challenge throughout this tour to try to get those people who are in their seats up and out of them. At first, we were kind of taken aback by it. Even at today's show, Mike just has to curse at the people and then they'll get up after that.

Shoutweb: But there has been a lot of positive reaction to the fact that you guys don't curse - not even on the record.
Brad Delson: That's an over simplification. We don't curse on the record but if you hang out with us for long enough, you could probably write your own curse dictionary. Ironically, a lot of the curse words come out in between the songs. Plus, it's Ozzfest. You have to curse.

Shoutweb: Some people have said that "Linkin Park is so huge that they don't need to be on Ozzfest" and that "Ozzfest used to be for up and coming bands."
Brad Delson: Really? We've only been on the road for a year! This is actually our one year anniversary of touring - three days ago. First of all, I don't agree that the main stage is for up and coming bands. I think the the main stage is to showcase really strong bands with a strong history like Marilyn Manson and Black Sabbath. Even Slipknot is becoming more of a veteran act. It's really nice to be able to share the stage with those bands. Also, we're relatively new compared to most bands. Like I said, we've only been on the road for a year and we've come a long way in a fairly short time.

Shoutweb: You have a lot of old school people. There are a lot of mullets and real metal heads, especially in this crowd in New Jersey.
Brad Delson: Well, you have mullets all over the country.

Shoutweb: And then you have all the younger kids.
Brad Delson: I think there is a good mix in these audiences.

Shoutweb: So, the last time I hung out with you guys I saw Chester and Mike at a bar before HFStival.
Brad Delson: I was there! I have a reputation for being pretty anti-social so I want to state for the record that I was really there! (laughter)

Shoutweb: Right, we all believe you! (laughter)



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