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LINKIN Park Live in Manila - The Meteora World Tour is set to be the only game in Manila on June 15. The concert, which happens at the CCP Open Grounds, is presented by Smart Buddy, Jag Jeans and No Curfew Watch.
RX93.1 DJ Bryan Gomez recently had a one-on-one chat with the band’s bassist who calls himself Phoenix. The two discussed Linkin Park’s music and the upcoming concert in Manila. Here are some excerpts from their telephone conversation.

DJ Bryan Gomez: Hey Phoenix!
Phoenix: How are you guys doing?

DJ Bryan Gomez: Where you calling us from?
Phoenix: I’m actually at my house right now in L.A.

DJ Bryan Gomez: People have been waiting for you guys to head out here since your album Hybrid Theory came out.
Phoenix: We’ve been trying to make that happen since that tour and it’s finally come together.

DJ Bryan Gomez: This is not your first visit to Asia, but it’s going to be your first visit to the Philippines and a lot of people have been waiting for this concert to happen. How are you guys prepping for this?
Phoenix: We’ve been home for two months and we’ve been on a break. We just started rehearsing and we’re getting ready to get out again. It’s always exciting to visit places where you haven’t been able to play - like Manila, The Philippines. And I think we’re really excited about it.

DJ Bryan Gomez: Joseph Hahn [Linkin Park’s DJ) stopped by Manila in 2003 and a lot of people went crazy when he was here. With the entire band coming over, it’s going to be a humdinger.
Phoenix: Are they Joe fans or are they Linkin Park fans?

DJ Bryan Gomez: They are all Linkin Park, I’m telling you that now. I have a question - You guys released a special CD, the Reanimation CD, which incorporated different groups and artists like Jonathan Davies of Korn. How did that come to play?
Phoenix: It came together haphazardly. Originally, [Linkin Park vocalist] Mike [Shinoda] and Joe, back when we were still in the studio writing Hybrid Theory - were talking to the singer for Orgy. He was saying he would like to hear this and later said he would like to do “Points of Authority” as remixed. So that kind of planted a seed for Joe and Mike. “Maybe we should have people do remixed. Maybe we’ll put them on-line, we’ll five them out to our fan club.”
It would be fun to hear what other people can do to our songs. So they kind of had that idea in their heads. And there were different tracks we would send out to producers and artists. The stuff we were getting back was so awesome.

DJ Bryan Gomez: Can you tell us a little bit more about how you guys performed in Live in Texas? I noticed that you don’t move as much as the other bands.
Phoenix: As far as our tours go, we have a lot of fun. We don’t compare it to what other groups are doing or try and judge it over other things. After playing hundreds and hundreds of shows, after years and years, you’re locked into what your style is.

DJ Bryan Gomez: “Breaking the Habit” is fast-paced yet it’s very emotional.
Phoenix: “Breaking the Habit” was originally written as an interlude. And Brad suggested to Mike - ”Why don’t we try an see where this goes as a song. It sounds promising, different from anything we’ve ever done.” There’s element to it that’s distinctive and really cool. And so Mike went home, worked on it all night and put these lyrics down that he’s been working on for almost five years, but never really got to finish it. The lyrics just being in a situation dealing with change that you want in your life and trying to make it a change that in yourself is a positive change and being able to move forward from that.

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