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Linkin Park press conference - September 11

On the road for two years for the Meteora tour, the Californian band Linkin Park chose Brazil to finish their tour.

Before the show in Sao Paulo, expected to have 65 thousand people, Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and Joseph Hahn gave an interview to brazilian journalists. During the interview , they commented about their latest award won (mainly about the MTV “Viewers Choice" Awards) , the creating process and answered if there's a “secret to success”.

Excerpts from the interview

Are they tired at the end of the tour?
“Absolutely not!”, guaranteed Chester Bennington. The vocalist Mike Shinoda completed the answer of his bandmate saying that the band is 100% motivated for the show in the country. “we didn't know that we have so many fans around the world, especially here in Brazil. Playing in front of thousands of people looks so unreal”, he concluded. Chester and Mike send a message to the fans: they would never go on stage if they are not totally excited about it. In Brazil, there will be no different.

The awards
“We just got the “viewers choice award” from the MTV Video Music Award. It was a great honor", said Mike. “We don't expect much. This help us to keep the attitude”. Chester said that he's happy with the fact that they won the award because it was voted by the fans. “To win an award from Billboard is really different from winning an award from the fans. It shows how much people love our music”. He confessed that he loves to receive messages and emails from those who enjoy their music. “you are the best”, said Chester to the fans.

About their music
Chester said that first of all, the band write the songs that they enjoy. “Obviously we take into account the taste of the fans, but it's not the end point. Before this, the group must be pretty confortable with each song we compose”

The secret of success
“We don't write stupid things!”, answered Chester when asked about Linkin Park success, at a time where bands are producing the same style. "The band is made of six people, with real different tastes. And we all like the same music which shows that we can please a vast group of people”, Mike completed. “It's interesting. There are many bands all over the world who make different kinds of music. And it isn't because they all look alike. There are people who play basketball, but not all are professional players. It's like us. We do songs for enjoyment, and for some reason people listen to it and like it…. I don't know the reason for our success”, Chester completed.

Next album
"We are writing some things, but nothing is done yet. We will concentrate on new songs when we go back home”, said Mike. Chester came to the point: “the answer is no”. “Even though we don't have any songs done, we have a lot of ideas. But we don't know what it's going to turn into”, Mike said. “We never know. We only planted the seed and we see it grows.” Chester completed


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