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Linkin DJ Plants

With Linkin Park in the midst of a public contract dispute with Warner Music Group, the band's DJ Joseph Hahn has been exploring his second love: filmmaking. Hahn, who has been behind the camera for almost all of the band's award-winning videos, recently directed a short film, The Seed, which he hopes to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next January.
Filmed over four days in downtown Los Angeles, the action-heavy short, which stars actor Will Yun Lee (Torque, Die Another Day), centers on a homeless war veteran and the blurred lines between what's real and what's imagined. The story was conceived by Hahn and his writing partner Chris Denham -- the pair have two feature films in development, titled King Rat and Kung Fu High School -- over the course of one night at Hahn's house. "We discussed the story and realized we had to do it," says Hahn. "This gives me a chance to get my hands wet, while doing [the other films] on my own terms."

Given how difficult it is to get short films seen in the States -- only a few cable networks, including Sundance and the Independent Film Channel, are supportive of the art form -- Hahn plans to share The Seed online. "Through my short career as a video director, I've gained a lot of fans," he says. "I definitely want to make it easily available to all of them. So I'll give it to some people to post on their sites, and I might post it myself."

But Linkin Park, who are in the early stages of writing the follow-up to 2003's chart-topping Meteora, are Hahn's top priority. "That comes first," he says. "Linkin Park has to get back in the studio and go on tour."

As for a timetable, the band may preview new songs around the U.S. next summer. "We love playing," Hahn says. "So we just have to make a good record, and hopefully people will come out again."

Rolling Stone Magazine - August 9, 2005


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