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Linkin Park Heads Out on Tour

NEW YORK - Singer Chester Bennington has been staying up all night the past few weeks, even though his band Linkin Park didn't start touring until Friday.

"I force myself to stay up all night before tours to get ready," Bennington told The Associated Press. "We don't get off stage until 11 p.m., by the time we get to our hotels it's late, and I don't want to be ready for bed when I'm on stage."

But, he says, he and his bandmates are all "spoken for," and they don't go out on the town much after their shows. "We're not out chasing chicks. We have responsibilities," he said.

The band is known for its blend of hip-hop and heavy rock riffs. They pieced together an eclectic bunch of bands ranging from Snoop Dogg to Korn for their "Projekt Revolution" tour, which kicked off Friday in Cincinnati and will tour the country until September.

"Many bands won't tour with other bands because they aren't the same music, but we want to change that," he said. "We wanted to bring punk, metal, rock, hip-hop, pop, everything together to show how different and cool it all is."
Bennington, who screams through many of the band's songs, says he keeps his voice clear on tour by drinking 6-8 liters of water per day, plus several bottles of Gatorade. If he gets hoarse, he'll down a little "Throat Coat," an herbal tea.

"I've been doing this for a long time. My voice has gotten used to it," he said. "Drill sergeants yell at people every day and they don't loose their voices." The band's latest album "Meteora" was released in 2003.

Associated Press - July 23, 2004


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