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What is true about Linkin Park ?


There are always rumours and of course Linkin Park isn't a exception to this. Is Chester leaving the band and start as the new singer of Hoobastank?? And does the group had it with performing and wants to quit with Linkin Park?? Here you will find out, what's true and what isn't??

1: Jay-Z is going to be a part of Jay-Z
This is good news for the fans who were already scared that the rapper would become the new member of Linkin Park. It is and will stay a rumour. The collaboration between Jay-Z and Linkin Park doesn't go any further than Collision Course. Linkin Park is going on with the exact same members. Still Rob Bourdon doesn't really like that, because he would have loved to meet Jay-Z's girlfriend Beyonce!

2: Soon u'll be walking in real Linkin Park shoes.
Linkin Park-rapper Mike Shinoda has been very busy with designing his own shoe collection, he already did one for DC Shoes. Mike doesn't do this for the money though, all the money goes to a scholarship program for less rich people.

3: Chester Bennington did an audition to become the lead singer of Hoobastank.
Together with Good Charlotte en Kanye West, Chester tried to take Doug Robb's place. But don't worry the three gentlemen only did this for the video Same Direction by Hoobastank. So Chester isn't taking Doug Robb's place, so he's staying in his own band.

4: The guys of Linkin Park will never publish a book, they think that's crap!
Last year they published a real book called From the Inside: Linkin Park's Meteora. It's about the tour that the rockers were on during the last two years. In that book you can see all kinds of photo's and handwritten pieces about everything they've seen and did. “We toured for the last two years and gained a lot of experience. So it is really awesome to be able to look back on what we've been through together.” says Phoenix.

5: Linkin Park is going to quit!
Now the guys are finally done with their two year tour, they had it for a little while. They need some rest and that's why they aren't going to do anything this year. Ok, they did start a fund for the victims in Asia, but after that it's going to be very quiet with Linkin Park….

Hitkrant Magazine (Netherlands) - January 2005



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